How Artists Can Increase Chances of Getting Signed by Labels

Presently, music is a popular industry, and new artists are rising daily. The increase in the number of musicians is intensifying competition in the industry. For instance, you must have great music to win record deals with labels.

Perhaps you are wondering how big labels sign some artist. In this article, you will learn the steps and plans for scoring record label deals.


Your musical work is the main element in the search for a label. If you want to get to a big label, then your artwork must be mind-blowing. Follow these steps to know if the songs are awesome and they truly deserve support.

  • Getting Feedback

When you think your song is ready and you are ready to send it to record labels, you have to get an opinion from someone else. Send the song to people you value their opinion. Possibly the individuals should not be your friend or even your relatives.

  • Polish Sound

After you are sure that the songs are fine and worthy of a deal, you have to polish the sound. The final touches can be the difference between a qualified truck and unqualified song.


Your first impression is important. The label that is willing to listen to your songs has to research about you. The first place they will take a look is your online presence. If they don’t find you online or find out that you have no followers, the chances are that they won’t consider you. Herewith are the venues you must exhaust to have an excellent presentation.

  • Social Media

You should have social media accounts in nearly all platforms. Some of the most common platforms you must have an account are Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.

  • Official websites

It’s professional to have a .com domain where you have your website.