Tips on Choosing a Recording Label Deal

The music industry has evolved and these days getting a recording label deal is easier, and there are so many options. When it comes to getting signed you have two options-an independent label or a major recording label. After getting a label to sign you up, you have to choose the recording deal that suits you. The contract you get depends on various factors like:

  • How established your career is
  • How many labels you are discussing with
  • How good your current team is.

So here are some recording deals that are worth knowing.

Distribution deal

s are reserved for artists that have made a name for themselves and are low risk. These deals are good, and at times you might find that only 20% of all the revenue goes back to the label. This is because the team behind the artist does all the heavy lifting then the brand takes care of distribution. Also, this deal gives you a lot of copyright power since you own all the master copies of the track so it cannot be used without your consent.

Joint Venture deal

Aside from the distribution deal, this is probably the next best deal on the table. You will split your earnings on a fifty-fifty basis with the label, and you can decide who will own the master copy. When it comes to funding this deal is the best as the artist does not have to invest their own money into production. However, this money may have to be paid back once the money begins coming in.

Artist deal

This is the most common deal you will find, and you might be offered this deal first in all your negotiations. In this deal, the label handles everything, from production to sales and even pays you. The only catch is that they own everything, including the master copy. The label may offer you 20% of all the sales revenue.