How to Choose Marketing, PR, and Management Firms

Marketing, public relations, and management firms can change the fortunes of an artist. They can transform him or her from a nobody into a recognised brand worldwide. For artists seeking these firms, there are a lot of things to consider before settling on one.

Some of the factors to bear in mind in this regard include the following:


A more experienced PR company is likely to yield better results. They tend to know the tricks of the trade, and are already plugged into all the other organisations that an artist can work with.

They are also more likely to have larger staffs, thus providing greater attention to their clients. If you are an artist, it is important to ask prospective PR firms about which artists they have worked with in the past.


Artists, especially those who are just starting out, always have to struggle financially before they get their big break. The art industry goes through ups and downs, so it is better for artists to only choose firms they can afford.

It can be very stressful getting stuck with a PR firm the cost of which you will struggle to meet. It is important to note, however, that it is well worth investing in PR and marketing firms, because the results are usually worth it.


The reputation of PR and marketing firms matters a lot. Artists should strive to work with reputable firms that have received good reviews in the past.

It can be extremely difficult working with firms that are always embroiled in scandals. Artists should talk to other artists who are being managed by the firm they are considering, and ask them about their experiences.

It is highly advisable to sample a number of different firms and compare them before finally settling on one.